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Ten years ago I embarked with a team of filmmakers to create an educational program for RTE (Irish Television). Before the first camera was turned on, everything was canceled. The trip was meant to tell the story of some college students and scientists studying some pretty crazy stuff at the bottom of the world. But, at the very last second, college students and scientists were swapped out with high school students and science teachers. To make matters worse, none of them wanted to be on camera. Finally, they agreed to give ua an hour each day to film them. All I had was a team of four brilliant filmmakers and an amazing actor/host who was a great friend of mine. We had a month to create something... but what?


Every 2 or so years Kasey Kirby (DP and Producer) and I pull out the footage and try to make sense of it. We finally realized it is not a long format series. It is a web-series.


We need your help to get the word out about our new series. New episodes will only be unlocked once the previous episodes hit the allotted number of shares and views  I hope you enjoy. 

Director:  Joel N. ClarK    Genre:  Documentary   DP: Karim Rateb     ​Producers: Judy Bart, Erica Kahn, Cynthia Wilber,  Joel Clark, Kasey Kirby​

From the Executive Producers of the acclaimed documentary Blackfish and director Joel N Clark comes an epic trek of survival, hope, mercy, and human will. An expectant mother determined to give her unborn child a life she never knew. A devoted son torn between seeking freedom and living far from the home and mother he loves. A daughter struggling to comprehend the cost of losing her family in order to begin one of her own in a new land. This is the story of American Dream.

Director:  Joel N. Clark and Andy Pisciotti    Genre: Documentary DP: Joel N Clark     Producers:   Joel N. Clark and​ Michael Albert 

The recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was one of the most deadly health epidemics in recent history. Sierra Leone was the hardest hit by the virus. However, the story of Ebola isn’t just one of mass death; it’s a story of the first responders rushing in to face insurmountable odds, of brothers in arms refusing to quit when all seemed lost. Even while fighting to eradicate the disease, these unsung heroes were treated like pariahs by the very families and communities they were trying to save. The American nurses and doctors who gave everything were criticized for choosing to serve in Africa instead of at home. Despite all this, they continued to fight and stopped the deadliest outbreak in modern history. While the 24-hour news stoked fears of the Ebola virus, these true-life heroes sprinted into this war with fearless abandon. While we closed our hearts and doors to those in need, thousands of West African men, women and children rose up to engage this enemy.

Director:  Kasey Kirby   Genre:  Documentary   DP: Kasey Kirby   Producers: Joel Clark, Kasey Kirby​

A city that's desperate to put an end to a 20+ year championship drought finally has a valid shot with the rising broomball team, the Nomadic Horde. The only dilemma is that no one has heard of them.  



Narrated by Tony Kornheiser.

Directors:  Joel N. Clark and Kasey Kirby    Genre:  Sitcom   DP: Kasey Kirby    ​Producer/Writer: Dominic Turano,  Joel N Clark, Kasey Kirby​

H Street is two sitcoms in one. In the first we have a family friendly series of four unlikely companions who will eventually grow to become true friends. Yet the “real show” is where the creators of “H Street” interact with their sitcom as well as the “real life” actors who star in their series.

As these two worlds move forward, the third wall comes down as both the sitcom being made, H Street as well as the real lives of those making it begin to expand and interact with each other.


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