Formula is a story which has been burning inside of me for over eight years now. Back when I was first dreaming about it, I didn’t have the confidence to write the screenplay. I’d never written a screenplay before and the story is large and extremely convoluted. I spent a few months searching for the perfect writers. In the end, Dan Bagan, the writer of my upcoming film, Kelsey’s Girls, and Travis Maruska came on board to write.


Although Dan and Travis did a brilliant job and wrote a great story, in the end, what they created never fully captured the story I wanted to tell. This wasn’t their fault, at that point I still was unsure exactly what the story was. So, I took their screenplay and learned how to write while reading it. And this is how I became a screenwriter. It took the next three years and fifty-five drafts to finish the screenplay. 


Over the years, Formula has been optioned a couple times, yet in the end, the film has yet to be made. At one point (seven years ago), our producer for a trailer to help raise money for the film. What is below is the outcome. It is not something I am proud of or think is brilliant in any way, but it is fun give an idea of the mood of the film. The problem was, back then we didn’t know enough to make something better!


I am still desperate to make Formula. I still believe it to be a (dare I say) brilliant Psychological Thriller. It is without a doubt some of my best writing. It may take another eight years and a few more drafts, but I am certain we will make it eventually. Now, enjoy the clips below. They go all the way back to the beginning of the journey.