The Adventures of Princess Juno

My daughter was born to play the role of Princess Juno. Literally. At the ripe age of 5 months she began the journey of a lifetime. 

Juno and the Beast

In this exciting new series, our young warrior princess, Juno Jehan embarks on her first adventure to conquer the "great and mighty beast". Will she defeat this darkness or will she e able to accomplish the impossible?

The Alien Creature

"This isn't just for babies" Juno said in a recent interview, "There are no puppets or silly songs. The director has gone for something a littler darker and I really love it. It's a baby series where you have a character actually die. Crazy, right? But don't get me wrong, it really is for all ages!"

A Patriot Born

Princess Juno isn't your mom and dad's Disney princess. There's nothing dainty about her; she rarely sings to birds, she only wears a gown when undercover and the last thing you'll see her doing is waiting around for some prince.


 Battle for Planet Thither

Six hundred years ago, when Princess Juno visited her home planet of Thither, she found horror beyond reckoning. Almost all life on Thither had been destroyed. Juno quickly learned that her her family had been kept alive and caged like wild animals. Although Juno knew her family had been placed as bate to catch her, the princess didn't care. 

Juno Jehan and 

the Siblings Grimm

In celebration of Juno Jehan's one year birthday, the producers of The Adventures of Princess Juno decided to pull out all the stops. In this latest episode, Princess Juno travels to Sudan, Morocco, Norway and onto the high seas. This is without a doubt the largest and classiest episode to date.

Historic Moments

Juno’s fans have waited long enough. We are excited to present episode 6 of The Adventures of Princess Juno. Ever wonder about who invented the Amish or how World War 2 really ended? If so, you need to watch this.

The Sidekick

With the last episode of Breaking Bad airing only weeks ago and Downton Abbey season 4 falling flat, where are the fans to turn? The Walking Dead? Please.What about The Adventures of Princess Juno? This series has more twists than Inception and even Walter White would have to step carefully in this story. With the release of Episode 7: the sidekick, The Adventures of Princess Juno takes a turn that will blow your mind.