My First Post

Although I write every day I have never before written a blog. Over the past ten years I’ve written film and television scripts, commercials, narration for documentaries and proposals. I even wrote a book, AWAKE, that will release in stores in March 2012. But I have always been against the idea of writing a blog; its not that I don’t appreciate blogs or spend my time reading them; it’s the pressure.

When I write, I either have a clear directive from a client or a story I am dying to tell, but bloggers blog all the time. Some of them are even good at it. They sit at their computers and type away as we; the hungry masses eagerly await their every syllable. I can’t imagine that kind of pressure. I spend weeks, months or even years perfecting a story. Who can be brilliant every day, or every week for that matter? Who among us lives with such profundity exuding from every keystroke?

If I were to write a blog, what would it be about? The idea of pressing the “publish” button on my very first blog is incredibly daunting. Will it expound on the wonders of the universe? Will it delve into a new revelation of God? Will it be a story that is so bold, so heart wrenching it will cause people to weep, staring at the screen as tears steam down their faces and they scream at the screen, “No! Please God, no!”

I don’t know. And this is my quandary. This is my fear. What will it be about?


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