A Day With the Occupiers

Mic check!

Not a good idea…

I live in DC. People are passionate here. Everyone. Pick a subject and the chances are you will find someone else who is passionate about it as well. This is something that has become easy to mock. Much of DC is young, 20 something interns who do their best to look and sound impressive. And then you have the occupiers. These guys and galls are DC 2.0. And yet, although I have mocked them often, I think there is something much deeper going on here. A search for significance. A search for meaning. A search for God. I think the cries for justice may lack wisdom, but they are cries for justice nonetheless. And this is beautiful. Not that I don’t think they are silly, I do. But I would rather have a generation who is willing to sacrifice for justice than a generation who doesn’t care about it. Lets pray that these students gain wisdom in their cries for justice. And then we will not only get our parks back, but the world will be changed.


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