The End

So, my amazing editor, Carolyn McReady has asked me if I had any parting thoughts I wanted to share in my upcoming book, AWAKE. Here I sit, less than three months before the book hits the shelves and she wanted to know if there was anything “burning inside me”. Apparently they had a few blank pages at the end of the book they still needed to fill.

When I asked her why they couldn”t just get rid of the blank pages, she let me know that books are ordered at a set number of pages. Some will be 140, 164, 208 and so on. My book lands at 208. In actuality my book is only 202, which is why I needed to write something for the end.

A large part of what I wrote is below…

Through the process of writing Awake, I have learned more about God and therefore about myself than through anything I’ve done before. Although I’ve collected many unbelievable stories in my short thirty-five years, I hadn’t taken the time to learn from them. The tapestry of his love, his hand and his faithfulness in my life was not immediately obvious.

Only when I sat down and wrote them out, did I clearly see Gods had at work. Only then did I hear his voice. Almost every revelation I’ve had was not an actual “revelation” until I had taken the time to think through it and write it down. I have crashed through much of my life, seeking the next adventure, the next story without ever stopping to learn form them.

I want to encourage you to write out your stories. If we take the time to decipher what God has been teaching us through them, we will find him in the midst of every single story. I am convinced of it.

I had a friend who recently berated me for my “do it for the story” message. He told me it was “irrelevant”. He said, “when I change my one-year-old’s diaper, I am not doing it for the story, I am simply changing a diaper. Everything is not story.”

But I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t think it’s the size of the story that matters. We will all experience magic and pain, the wild and the mundane. Megan and I have our fist child coming just a few days after this book releases. And I will change my baby’s diaper “for the story,” because I now understand that God in the midst of the mundane and the silly and the supposedly meaningless. I now understand that I will find him in the midst of EVERY story and there is no such thing as “meaningless.” For this is what life is about, finding God.

I no longer doubt whether he is speaking to me, the question is, am I listening? If I am, I will hear him, and its impossible to hear God without experiencing transformation. And in the coming months I plan to change many diapers for the story. This is my burning message. This is my story.


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