Live Life Fully Awake

I just received a copy of my book hot off the presses and all I can say is, wow. I have created many products in my life that I would not watch or read myself. I know this is sad, but it’s true. What excites me about Awake is this. If I were walking past it in my local bookstore and saw it, I would pick it up. That, in-and-of-itself is amazing. Yet once I picked it up I woud then look through it and see all the crazy sketches and QR Codes and pictures and links. At this point, I would do something even crazier. I would buy it.

And then, once I started reading all the stories and watching the corresponding films and laughing at the oh so funny humor, and thinking about how it relates to my story and my journey toward living my life to the fullest, grasping every day, loving God, others and myself with abandon and causing me to step out in faith in every aspect of my life and begin to see God in it all, I would enjoy it. And this is what makes me both as happy as a clam and as proud as a peacock. But a good proud. A good proud. You can preorder my book, Awake pretty much anywhere on this blogsite. Just click on the cover off to the right and it will take you to the oh so trendy, Amazon.

I believe it will encourage you to step out and find God in the midst of your story. He is there and he wants to be experienced in all of it. He is more than just speaking, he is acting in the midst of the magical and the mundane, the beauty and the pain. And life is about much more than hearing and believing. It is about experiencing wonder, magic, whimsy and beauty. It is about laughing till we cry and in the moments when it gets hard, crying till we weep. But God is in all of it. Now, we just have to find him there.


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