Honoring Charles, #3- AWAKE List of Heroes

Coming in at number 3 in my AWAKE List of Heroes is a little known man named Charles. To this day, no one knows his last name and this is one of the reasons Charles has made my list. He did not seek fame or applause for his sacrifice, he simply worked for four long years in service to a needy family.

Ellen Powell”s husband was in the Navy and therefore was absent more than he was home. Ellen”s three children, Jamie, Sarah and Adam did have their grandfather, Walter living in the house, but he was never a very good role model.

Charles was busy trying to pay his way through college and took a job with the Powells to look after the three children. Charles could have simply done his job in the hours he was paid and no more. Yet Charles was never just a babysitter, he was a mentor and in many ways, a father figure.

Charles often sacrificed his time, money and personal life to make sure Jamie, Sarah and Adam were not just “taken care of”, but loved.

Charles is one of many unsung heroes who understood what it meant to liveAWAKE. He loved with abandon, sacrificed when necessary and lived “outside himself”. I feel we could all learn something from this great man, Charles.


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