Honoring John Dunbar, #4- AWAKE List of Heroes

The year was 1863 and First Lieutenant John Dunbar was injured in the Civil War. Only moments away from having his leg amputated, John was distraught and feeling hopeless. Staggering out of the medical tent, he mounted a horse and charged the Confederate army on the other side of the battlefield. Distracted and amused, the confederates watched the insane man charge across the battlefield by himself. Seeing an opportunity, the Union commander attacked while the Confederates were distracted and won the battle. Some said John was suicidal when he attacked, but this was never confirmed. Regardless, his reward was to keep the horse, get the best medical doctors of the time (who saved his leg) and a new post of his choosing.

Over the following years, John learned that peace was a better way than war. While living in the “New Frontier”, he turned from his army ways. Over thekasyna years he became a friend of the local Native Americans (the Sioux) and even took one of them, Stands With A Fist to be his his wife. Legend has it that John was even a friend to many wild animals, wolves and all, though both historians and modern day animal trainers agree that this is more legend than truth. In many ways, the legend of John Dunbar is similar to that of Saint Francis of Assisi.

In a tragic turn of events, John’s army brothers found out about his new Native American friends and turned against him. John Dunbar decided he would fight on the side of his Sioux brothers and sisters and against the army he was once a part of.

John Dunbar stood for justice even when it meant he would be an outcast. He made many mistakes in his life, but in the end he chose to live AWAKE. Rather than simply go along with what everyone else thought, John chose to love those around him and was willing to sacrifice everything to do it.

Many years later, legend has it that John Dunbar went on to invent Peanut Butter.


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