Honoring Lyle and Chuck, #5 and 6 – Awake List of Heroes

Lyle and Chuck were in their early 40″s. Both had spent the majority of their lives asleep to the desires and dreams that lay hidden inside of them. Today I want to honor these two great men. When most would simply continue their lives of quiet desperation, they understood it was never too late to live FULLYAWAKE. Both Lyle and Chuck decided to pursue the dreams in their hearts and become fulltime musicians. No, they were not perfect in the way they went about this decision and they made some big mistakes that reeked havoc on their personal lives.

Yet in the end, both Lyle and Chuck were willing to do whatever it took to pursue the dreams in their hearts. Together they found a booking in Morocco of all places. As with all great dreams, it took an amazing amount of sacrifice and faith for the men to pursue them. Yet this is what an AWAKENED heart lives for. In their very first show in Morocco they where an immediate hit!

Yet it was 1987 and if anyone remembers the Middle East in 1987 it was not an easy place to be, let alone perform. Almost unbelievably, both men found themselves in the middle of a secret war between the CIA and Moammar Gadhafi. Yet this too is what my bookAWAKE is about. When we pursue the dreams in our hearts, we will inevitably be thrown into the middle of an adventure that is far greater than we could possibly understand.

In the end, the men not only played a role in averting an all out war, but they managed to create an album that swept the world. You may remember their huge hit, “Dangerous Business” that actually sold more records than the great Simon and Garfunkle. It goes to show, if you pursue your dreams, you never know who you will meet, what you will accomplish and where you will end up.

Although Dangerous Business still remains their bestseller in the US, Chuck and Lyle continue to tour the Middle East today with their new hits, “Perfectly Delicious” and “We Didn”t Need a Pencil”. And now, for your enjoyment, take a listen to one of the best songs ever recored.



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