H Street

Last March, Kasey Kirby, Dominic Turano and I came together with the idea of creating a sitcom. We spent many mornings drinking coffee and tossing ideas around.

We went back and forth for many weeks and finally landed on an idea of “the inception of the sitcom within the sitcom”.

THE INCEPTION: Most sitcoms start with a small number of friends or family who have known each other forever. They already have a natural camaraderie and chemistry and their jokes flow easily. Our idea was to start our series with the forming of these relationships.

A SITCOM WITHIN A SITCOM: There is a reason many of today”s sitcoms choose to break the “third wall”. From That Seventies Show to The Office to Modern Familyand many others, breaking down the wall allows you to go for the funny without spending too much time on setup. In H Street we tried a new variation of this idea. You”ll have to watch the show to understand what I mean.

Late last month we finished our final cut and are proud to send H Street off to a few festivals. The first of which is NYTVF. We are excited to see how it is received in the coming months. I will be posting more on H Street as we plan our DC release, stay tuned.

For now feel free to read though a character breakdown, check out the first trailer and a few photo”s!

Cammy (Kathleen Mason) is studying International Health and has little “real life” experience. She is volunteering at a local NGO and has a passion to “fight injustice.”

Kennedy (Laura Muschelli) is a young democrat working on Capital Hill. Kennedy is a pure liberal in every sense of the word.

Mitch (Gary-Kayi Fletcher) is a young republican working on the hill. Mitch just bought a “fixer-upper” in NE DC just off of H Street.

Brad (Bryan John Phillip van Niekerk) is a young South African immigrant who came to the US to make it in the music industry.

Bartender (Jon Sieber) tends bar at The Argonaut and is not very good at his job. Bartender lives upstairs and treats the bar as his home.

While these five characters make up the primary cast of H Street, there are a number of other characters who are equally important. I will begin to profile some of them in the coming days.


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