Princess Juno, Part 2: The Alien Creature

My beautiful daughter is only seven months old and already has her own web-series. Before she landed the role I spent months casting for the series. I saw over three thousand babies and was unable to find a suitable “Princess Juno”. In the end, I went to my wife and asked if she would be willing to help make one. After a long discussion we agreed on the specifics and talked to our lawyers. A few days later we had a contract and nine months later we had the star of our series. Juno Jehan Nykyforchyn-Clark was born to play the role of “Princess Juno”… literally.

As a side note, you may notice I have taken Juno”s first film off of my channel and given Juno her own channel. This is simply because I am sure she will have a much bigger fan base than her father ever had as well as the fact that it was stipulated in her contract.

In a recent interview Juno mentioned that she”s excited about the series because it allows her to “stretch herself as an actor”. She wants everyone to know that its not your typical “baby series”. Yes, babies may enjoy watching the infant heroine, but Juno has strived to play a more “grown up” role.

“This isn”t just for babies” Juno said in the interview, “There are no puppets or silly songs. The director (Joel Clark) has gone for something a littler darker and I really love it. When I read through the most recent script I found myself moving between fear and laughter. I mean, Joel is really creating something special here. It”s a baby series where you have a character actually die. Crazy, right? But don”t get me wrong, it really is for all ages!”

As the director of the series I”ve been honored to work with such incredible talents in both Juno Jehan and her mother. Now, without further adieu, I would like to present part two of Juno”s series, The Adventures of Princess Juno, Part 2: The Alien Creature.

And for all of you who might have missed part 1, you may watch it here.


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