Blow Your Mind or get Creepy and Old

One of my favorite things in life is when I learn something that contradicts what I already know. Truly, I love when this happens. There are some things I’ve believed my whole life that simply aren’t true. This is awesome. It’s called growing up.

I think our worlds should expand from birth to death. From Day One till Day Dead we should be wow’d.

For example, when my lovely, beautiful wife, Megan Nykyforchyn-Clark was five years old, she invented blueberry jam. She’d tasted strawberry jam and couldn’t believe no one had come up with blueberry jam. Crazy right? So she created it. She mashed up a bunch of blueberries and spread them on toast.

When Megan’s mother came home from the grocery store a few days later, Megan was devastated. Inside the grocery bag was a jar of blueberry jam. What Megan knew to be true was suddenly shattered and her world became a little bigger.

I love learning things that contradict who I am. Things about God, science, life, relationship… just about anything. It was Jesus who told us to “be like childnren”. I think he said this in part because children are always willing to learn something new, to have their world’s expanded, to have their mind’s blown and to be amazed at something.

If we don’t allow ourselves to be like children we’ll become like some creepy old people who believe just about anything.

When is the last time you allowed yourself be amazed? I often try to cover up my amazement with a “I’m too cool” attitude. I don’t enjoy looking like I didn’t know something so I pretend and keep my amazement to myself. But I don’t want to be a know-it-all. I want to live a life of wonder and I want to learn something new or change the way I think at least as often as I bathe- three to four times a week if you must know.

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