The Adventures of Princess Juno: A Patriot Born

Princess Juno isn”t your mom and dad”s Disney princess. There is nothing dainty about her; she rarely sings to birds, she only wears a gown when undercover and the last thing you”ll see her doing is waiting around for some prince.

In episode three “A Patriot Born”, Princess Juno embarks on a top secret mission with the US Special Forces. Before Juno and her team can even begin their mission a brutal storm breaks out and Juno must fight just to stay alive.

“This episode was just crazy,” said Juno in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “We shot for like, a month in the ocean. I felt like I”d grown gills by the end!”

The Adventures of Princess Juno: a patriot born

Although this is only the third episode, The Adventures of Princess Juno has been a controversial web-series to say the least. Episode one contained a violent battle between Juno and a “Great and Might Beast”. And though SPOILER ALERT it”s true that at the end of the episode Juno and the beast became friends, Newsweek still called the violence “staggering“.

This begs the question; in a world where Dora andSpong Bob are king, is there a place for a kickass princess?

After getting such a rough reception by the press, many thought director Joel N. Clark would have curbed the voilence in episode two. Yet in this episode, The Alien Creature, a savage alien attacks princess Juno. And rather than teaching the viewer to count to ten, walk away from the fight or learn to forgive, SPOILER ALERT Juno and her Dog Father actually hunt down the Alien Creature and the episode ends with it”s brutal death at Juno”s hands. Yes, it is true the creature had been “terrorizing the land”, but was it necessary to kill it?

When Rolling Stoneasked Juno to give her thoughts, her answer was simple.

“Can you imagine Sigourney Weaver ever forgiving the Alien from the original Alien film? Of course not!” Juno said, striking the table with her fist. “Evil must be destroyed. You can”t just “count to ten” and hope it disappears!” In the telling of episode three, A Patriot Born, director Joel N. Clark enlisted the help of the US Coast Guard.

“Episode three never would have been possible without them!” Clark said. “The Coast Guard is the only reason we could create such a powerful story.”


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