Battle for Planet Thither

Six hundred years ago, when Princess Juno visited her home planet of Thither, she found horror beyond reckoning. Almost all life on Thither had been destroyed. However, Juno quickly learned that her her family had been kept alive and caged like wild animals. Although Juno knew her family had been placed as bate to catch her, the princess didn”t care. The alien brutes had made a terrible miscalculation. Juno would go to the end of the known universe and beyond if it meant saving her family.

In this exciting installment of The Adventures of Princess Juno: , Juno saves her family and together they hunt the Alien savages who decimated their home planet. Will they be able to destroy the aliens and save the planet or will they have to flee and leave Thither behind in search for a new homeland?

In a recent interview with Ellen (The Ellen Degeneres Show), Juno Jehan talked about her most recent role as “Princess Juno”.

Ellen: There”s been a lot of talk about the next installment of this crazy popular series. We finally get a glimpse of your homeland and even meet some of your family. Can you tell us a little more about this highly anticipated episode?

Juno Jehan: No. I can”t.

Ellen: (laughs) Good one. But seriously, what can you tell us?

Juno Jehan: No. I can”t tell you anything. I”m under contract and can”t say a word. I”d appreciate it if you”d stop asking.

Ellen: You mean, you don”t even have a clip or anything?

Juno Jehan: The entire episode is two and a half minutes. A clip would pretty much be the whole thing.

Ellen: (uncomfortable) Well… are you serious? Why did you come on my show then? Why are you even here?

Juno Jehan: (irritable) Good question.

Ellen: OK then… what CAN we talk about?

Juno Jehan: I thought we could dance or something. You know, like you did with the president. I like to dance.

Ellen: …I guess we could do that.

Juno Jehan: Great. Let”s get to it then.


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