The Power of Story

I don”t have a message that defines me. I don”t actually care about message. I understand it has a place, but I think we”ve made it much more important than it actually is. Every truly great story is packed full of more messages than the storyteller ever dreamed it to be. When we try to define the message, we have ruined both the story and its impact. At best, I can only define what the message feels like to me.

Every truly great story will lead those who hear it toward God. It doesn”t matter if the storyteller is agnostic or even an atheist for that matter, a great story will always lead us toward God, the creator of story. However, you will notice that I did not say, it will lead us to God, but rathe

r, toward Him. I believe that this is one of the greatest tragedies of modern-day Christianity. The only storys we tell are those that spell out a desired message. We try to define every story, veering away from too many unanswered questions or too much complexity. Instead, we present TRUTH. We usually do this through bullet points or lists of rules or mantras we must memorize, as if the gospel can be narrowed down into 1-3 short paragraphs and a few catchy sayings.

Story, in its truest sense, implies mystery, emotional investment and relationship. Story is always messy and filled with both heartache and pleasure. Story is impossible to control and always leaves room for questions. Story transforms.


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