Juno Jehan and The Siblings Grimm

In less than a week, starlette Juno Jehan will turn one. Pitt, Clooney and Damon are all expected to attend her birthday party. And though it is reported that Bieber was fishing for an invite, he stormed off when he learned that Juno had no idea who he was.

In celebration of her one year birthday, the producers of The Adventures of Princess Juno decided to pull out all the stops. In this latest episode, Princess Juno travels to Sudan, Morocco, Norway and onto the high seas. This is without a doubt the largest and classiest episode to date.

Below is an excerpt of Juno”s most recent interview with Oprah.

OPRAH: “Tell me about this latest episode you”ve been working on.”

JUNO: “When I read the script for the first time I was like “Wow!” there is so much happening here! But once again, I think the director pulled it off.”

OPRAH: “I was blown away by the scope of your acting. The episode starts with a powerful moment in Sudan and I felt it bone deep. I was weeping right alongside you!”

JUNO: “Yes, that was a tough moment for me. I had to go to some very dark places to get that kind of emotion.”

OPRAH: “It was worth it! I”m already hearing talk of an Oscar nomination.”

JUNO: “Oh, Oprah, I don”t like to think about those kinds of things. However, it would be such an honor just to be nominated.”


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