Free as a Lele Bird

It’s safe to say forgiveness is one of the hardest lessons we’ll ever have to learn in life, if not the hardest. Forgiving friends. Forgiving the betrayal of those we most love. Forgiving ourselves. Sadly, many people go to their graves without ever learning this lesson. Without understanding the nature of forgiveness we will never experience the fullness of life. Without forgiveness we are nothing but cynical, broken, bitter and sickly people.

My brilliant sister understands forgiveness more than most. When her daughter Aliyah Soleil (Leelee) ran in the house one afternoon with tears streaming down her cheeks, Aimee sat her down and asked what was wrong. Aliyah told her about how she’d been betrayed by a good friend. And in that moment, the story of forgiveness was birthed.

Though its beautifully written and flows off the tongue, and thought Aimee has peppered it with brilliant artwork she created herself, and though its written in a way a child could understand, if you allow it, the message may just change your life as well.

Buy your copy here – “Free as a Leelee Bird: a story of forgiveness.” You won’t regret it. Read it to your kids. They will love it. But also read it to yourself. Let it sink deep. Maybe its not to late for all of us to be as free a Leelee Bird!


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