Art in a world of Propaganda

A little while back I received a call from my good friend and pastor, Mark Batterson. Our church, National Community Church was in gearing up for a series titled “Voices” and Mark wanted to know if I would be interested in finishing off the series.

What a silly question. Of course I was interested! What an amazing opportunity to tell stories at my home church. I immediately said “yes” and asked God what he wanted me to share. It was an easy question really. I’ve had one message over the past few years that has defined me. “More”. It’s the idea that there is so much more to life than we are living now. There is so much more available in our relationship with God and with each other. There is so much more adventure and beauty and romance and love.


We have access to the creator of all things and so often we are happy with crumbs.


There is intimacy and beauty and life altering experiences awaiting us. There are miracles and relationships and daring feats waiting to be accomplished.


I don’t focus on “My relationship with God” when I talk of these things. I think it’s silly to do so. It is all my relationship with God. When I chose to follow him everything became an opportunity to get to know him more. There is no sacred and secular in my life, there is only sacred. When I jump off a crane or make a documentary or write a book or go to McDonalds I am living to the fullness of my potential so long as I am inviting God into the midst of it.

More. Every moment is bursting with opportunity for the miraculous.


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