Atlas District combines production management expertise, experienced and creative personnel as well as state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee our clients’ audiovisual product is the best it can be – whether it be documentary or narrative content for broadcast or new media. Our staff has the experience and tools to meet the highest international standards for every delivery.

Atlas District Productions is an award-winning production company based in Washington, DC. We bring our passion for storytelling to every production. Our clients tend to be founded on a larger mission. Many are socially conscious organizations, non-profits, artisanal producers and companies who do their best to make a positive difference. Others are adventurers and explorers who dream of breaking world records and seeing some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. Whatever the story, Atlas District will bring it to life through a relevant and innovative lens.


For as long as I can remember I've been captivated by story. The genera never mattered so long as the story seized my imagination. But when I turned eighteen I realized I didn't have any stories worth telling. This is when I found my journal and wrote the words that would radically change my life, "Do it for the story."

Ever since discovering my motto, my journey has been filled with unbelievable twists and unimaginable beauty. I've lived a story that even I often struggle to believe. Yet every time I choose to embrace the mystery of story, my life is enriched. 

I don't care about the genera or format. Film, written word or on stage, I endeavor to tell memorable stories. Throughout my strange and somewhat magical career I've had the opportunity to write and direct documentaries, films, commercials and short films covering a wide range of topics from child slavery in Haiti, to an Antarctic sitcom. I've also written a fantasy series as well as a memoir. I've had the amazing opportunity to partner with NY Times bestselling authors Donald Miller and Mark Batterson with whom I created multiple projects. I have also partnered with A Family Story and Tradewind Studios on a regular basis. My story hasn't been something I could have written if I tried.


In 2002 my friend Nicholas Costaras and I co-founded Switchvert, an Ideas / Film House located in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2008 I moved to Washington DC and formed Atlas District Pictures alongside my good friend Kasey Kirby. I now live with my wife of ten years, Megan and our two children, Juno and Elah in Washington DC. When I'm not working, I can be found creating my daughters web-series,

 Joel   N.   Clark:   Director 

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Atlas District has a passion for storytelling backed by extensive industry experience. With a strong grasp of the international production market, Atlas District Pictures has successfully crossed formats and genres while keeping with the highest possible production standards.

Cynthia Wilber is an industry veteran.  Ms. Wilber's career started at the Television Academy, home of the Emmys. She was an integral part of partnering with studio and network leaders to produce over 200 events and forums on behalf of the Academy.  Ms. Wilber had the privilege of working with the White House Presidential Advance Team to ensure the success of a breakfast forum with President George H. W. Bush, and another epoch-making  “Super Highway Summit” with Vice President Al Gore, Jr.  Shortly thereafter, Peter Calabrese, recruited Cynthia as the Director of Development for Triax EnterActive.  Ms. Wilber went on to work with writers, directors and talent in various aspects of the industry to include an eight year run at ABC Family in creative, marketing and branding.  Her work ethic and determination to raise-the-bar, was defined in her youth as a competitive figure skater who trained alongside Olympians.  With experience and conviction, Cynthia brings compelling stories of the human condition to a fuller light on screen. 

Cynthia Wilber:  Producer 

After a career change out of the accounting field in 2005, Kasey transitioned into working as a cinematographer, director, and editor after completing his graduate degree in film/video from American University.  Kasey’s experience has crossed genre platforms and spanned the globe having shot films in nearly 20 countries.  With experience on a wide range of productions from TV to feature documentaries to non-profits, his interest rests in finding truth in compelling stories around the world and bringing them to the forefront of audiences.  Kasey is honored to have worked on productions for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, the United Nations Foundation, and many more.

Kasey  Kirby:  DP,  Director 

International production expertise is not only the basis of Atlas District’s award- winning original productions, but also the reason many clients choose Atlas District as their creative, editorial and technical service provider. Below is a list of some of our more well known clients.